What is a food intolerance?

A food intolerance is a reaction of the digestive system as opposed to the immune system and no antibodies are involved. In these cases a person may just be having trouble digesting food due to a lack of enzymes (i.e. lactose intolerance) or due to the chemicals in the food which impairs digestion.

An intolerance to a food can be immediate in that the first time you eat it you feel unwell or it could be determined by the quantity of the food consumed, whereas with allergic reactions the tiniest of amounts can result in a reaction. Lactose intolerance is a good example as often people can consume small amounts of dairy without experiencing any discomfort.

Food intolerance symptoms include; stomach pain, bloating, gas, cramps, headaches, skin rash, tiredness and the general feeling of malaise. Intolerances can be caused by many different foods, some of the main ones include; dairy, wheat, gluten, alcohol and yeast.

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